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Christopher Granville was born and raised in Queens, NY. Growing up as the child of a loving family, nothing could have warned him about the trajectory his life would take as an adult. Shortly after marrying his wife, Christopher experienced two tragic family losses, one after the other that completely changed his life and purpose. These events that made him lose his direction and get drowned in an ocean of negative feelings were the same events that eventually encouraged him to write his book “Savior Over Straitjacket” and use it to empower hurt people around him.


Before starting following his writing path, Christopher had a successful career in law enforcement. However, the most important role he has ever had was that of a father and husband.

He considers his faith and family the two most significant sources of inspiration and positivity in his life, the only factors that have the power to bring him back on track every time he feels like losing his way.

When he is not working, you will probably find him somewhere helping people in need or spending some quality time with his wife and children.

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